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Playeroid allows you to change the music in pubs and bars with your mobile
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Download Playeroid mobile from iOS and Android stores
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Playeroid player supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
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Control the music wherever you are!

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iOS and Android applications

Playeroid mobile application is available in Android and iOS stores.
Download now from the links below and use it in any place which has Playeroid player installed
Don't miss our updates. We introduce new features weekly!

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Multiplatform music player

Multifunctional, multiplatform music player of Playeroid has any possible feature you can think of.
Tabbed smart and dynamic playlists (M3U, XSPF, PLS and ASX),
transcoding music,tagging the songs, CUE sheet support
Player works in all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).
Supports .wav .mp3 .aac .wma .flac .m3u .ogg formats.

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Main Features

Ordering a song from the current active playlist, viewing the queue of current orders
Sharing your order on Facebook
Rating the songs
Searching by artist, song name, album name and music genre



10/3 Northern Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia

Square One

1/3 Abovyan St, Yerevan, Armenia


Northern Avenue 1/56, Yerevan, Armenia


3/37 Amiryan St, Yerevan, Armenia


36 Abovyan St, Yerevan, Armenia

Station Pub

Parpetsi 24 Street, Yerevan, Armenia

Friends Pub

Pushkin 49, Yerevan, Aremenia

Beatles Pub

Pushkin 60, Yerevan, Armenia

Pub 37

Mashtots 37, Yerevan, Armenia

Texas Pub

Tumanyan 19, Yerevan, Armenia

Tom Colins

Pushkin 31, Yerevan, Armenia

That Place

Abovyan 10, Yerevan, Armenia

"Quest" TimeCafe

Teryan 25, Yerevan, Armenia


P. Byuzand, Yerevan, Armenia

80's Pub

Syata-Nova 3, Yerevan, Armenia

Purpur Cafe

Ghazar Parpetsi 16, Yerevan, Armenia

Central Park Cafe

Ghazar Parpetsi 13/6, Yerevan, Armenia

Melrose Pub

Pushkin 42, Yerevan, Armenia

Eden Cafe Pub

Tamanyan 1, Cascade, Yerevan, Armenia

Monaco Pub

Pushkin 49, Yerevan, Armenia

Arena Bowling

Mashtots 8, Yerevan, Armenia

Are you a pub owner?

For pub owsers

Are you a pub owner? Or do you own another music-based business like a cafe, restaurant or a shop? Do you want to gain additional money doing nothing while making your clients happy by enabling them to control the music? Ok then...

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Free Promotion

We will promote your pub in social networks and other websites for free

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Free Playlists

We will provide accurately sorted playlists depending on your musical taste

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Additional Money

You will gain additional money from Playeroid orders without any special effort

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Great Player

If you need a special feature that isn't available in any other player we may add it